While Zero Emission, Carbon Reduction is all the rage, there is one area which does not attract enough attention – that is Agriculture and Food Waste.

The Need and the Crisis

The Need And The Crisis – “In the next 40 years farmers will have to grow as much food as they have in the last 10,000 years combined.

Food Waste

Cost of food waste on the UK is UKP 10.2 Billion and the USA a staggering $161 billion.
Food Waste is major worldwide Problem, The EU subsidizes over Euro 40 billion to Farmers in the EU. There are huge Imbalances in this important human need. There is inert need to over supply because of risk of food shortages. Currently, Waste is in excess 2.5 billion tons with a high cost of $400 billion a year and In Europe 40- 60 % of all Fish caught is discarded .
Besides the Direct cost, there is also the Environmental Impact

Small Farmers

Worldwide, there are approximately 450–500 million smallholder farmers, or those who work small plots of land for subsistence and to harvest a couple cash crops. These farmers make up roughly 85% of the world’s farms, and they are the primary example of why better Technology, co-operation is needed

Incentivizing sustainable practice

There are several common practices in agriculture that are unsustainable yet persist. The global market for pesticides is worth more than $35 billion per year, and a distressing volume of those chemicals end up discharged into bodies of water that are used for drinking, cooking, and/or bathing.

Overseeing Farm inventory in Agriculture

In order to prevent post-harvest losses, farmers must be proactive in monitoring their crop storage techniques, ensuring that CO2 concentration remains below 600 parts per million to prevent mold growth and infestation.

Enhancing Agricultural Supply Chains

Another report suggests that the adoption of certain agricultural management technologies will produce as much as 70% higher yields on existing agricultural land.

Modernizing Farm Management Software (FMS)

An anticipated 50% growth in demand for agricultural products by 2050, coupled with water shortages and stagnation in methods to expand crop yields means that leaps and innovation in farm management software represents a key area of yield enhancement.

The required solutions

We are seeing a big change in Farming Optimization through use of Drones, Sensors, Soil and Water Efficiency and the use of Satellites and Technology to identify, monitor and measure to increase Crop Output and more. All this makes a very solid foundation for the use of Blockchain in Agriculture.

The Carbon token Agtech Blockchain Solution

Our Blockchain Solution will initially focus on Farm Management Software (FMS) and other selected Technology providers to help increase the Food Quality and we will encourage the adoption of the Solutions by providing reward Tokens and enabling Offsets to Projects using these Technologies.


Carbon emissions Dashboard– will allow for Business to calculate carbon emission in real time


Use our climate tech to gain greater awareness for climate change tech, create your offset plans, get rewards and incentives when adopting to climate tech with our blockchain farmers applications.



  • Food Tracing across different checkpoints
  • Proof of sustainable raised meat and crops can be given
  • Consumer demands more data about origin and quality of food production
  • Sharing of data is enhanced (recall, changes, data items, predictive, calculations)
  • Product tracking back to origin in minutes
  • Tagging of additional data in total supply chain recalled anytime
  • Changes in the supply chain are quickly resolved
  • Food safety is enhanced
  • Fraud preventing and Fraud Protection of food
  • Increase trust between all parties involved in the supply chain
  • Reduces significantly agricultural transaction costs
  • Provides lower cost of transaction between parties
  • Faster payment for food producer
  • Supply and demand price data transparency for food producers
  • Enables Peer to peer transaction of funds paid to small farmers
  • Smart contract automation of payment to meet certain criteria fulfilled by farmer or producer
  • Less uncertainty in contractual agreements can be triggered by automated smart contract agreements
  • Smart contracts are extremely convenient, for less formal agreements in businesses


Real time agtech stats, Crop analyzer

Field monitoring, manage all your fields, make field planning, field protection planning, maximise crop output management

Food to table traceability management

Food to table traceability FDA, Food Tracing across different checkpoints

Agricultural supply chain

Measurements of water, weather, nutrition, soil moisture, supply and demand data

Farmers need to measure different items to maximise crop output like nutrition, waste, water, weather, growth, infestation,CO2-level

Calculate and predict models in farming scenarios

nutrition yield ratio, arrange field diary report, Plan and monitor growth

Measure, storage time, CO2 level remaining low, best water supply

best inventory use, Fields monitor planning, Farm yields, earn ratio

Waste usage, infestation checking

Optimising carbon offset rewards and incentives and encourage adoption of climate tech

Help farmers in receiving planned carbon offset programs and incentive, encourage for climate technologies, reward farmers for using climate technologies, carbon footprint management system

Invest in Climate tech

offer tools, carbon offset programs and planning how to receive rewards, incentives and government carbon offsets.  

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