Carbon Agtech Blockchain

Our platform will encourage efficiency and new investment in current and new agricultural projects.

  • Create awareness of needed climate tech
  • Encourage adoption of Climate Tech
  • Provide Financial incentives to adopt this Climate Tech
  • Creating Offset Program
  • Help track and monitor their Carbon and other outputs - Carbon Token Tracking Index
  • Creating Opportunities for Investment, Finance and Donations
  • Rewarding the Projects on Acquisition of services / goods, and achieving milestones
  • Creating awareness for their Projects and the greater local area
  • Team up with Companies looking to enhance their ESG Policy
  • Compare Outputs to similar Farms and Projects
  • Be part of featured Projects

Carbon Token ESG Tool Kit

The Carbon Token ESG Toolkit is a holistic offering a complete solution to Companies offering

  • Setup or refinement of ESG Strategy
  • Measurement - Real Time businesses Calculator / Dash Board
  • Reporting - Strategy & Measurable KPIs and Content
  • Offset & Reduction - Marketplace of ideas , Solutions & Projects to match their businesses needs and Story
  • Employee engagement
  • Customer engagement
  • Overall Impact will result in greater tangible and measurable outputs in their ESG Report and employee and customer engagement

This offering will include a full assessment of its ESG Policy and will culminate in providing an ESG Score and Rating (based on leading ESG Standards)