Carbontoken Agtech services

Blockchain agricultural service solutions for farmers

Advantages of joining our Blockchain and Network

Our Platform will encourage efficiency and new Investment in current and new Agricultural Projects

  • Create awareness of needed Climate Tech
  • Encourage adoption of Climate Tech
  • Provide Financial incentives to adopt this Climate Tech
  • Creating Offset Program
  • Help track and monitor their Carbon and other outputs - Carbon Token Tracking Index
  • Creating Opportunities for Investment, Finance and Donations
  • Rewarding the Projects on Acquisition of services / goods, and achieving milestones
  • Creating awareness for their Projects and the greater local area
  • The Carbon Token Coin is a digital coin designed as a Utility Token
  • Our solutions can be described as B2C, B2B or a combination We will do this through our App and Market Place providing a Reward and Offset solution.

We are setting up

  • A Marketplace of Climate Tech, Carbon Reduction Products and Services rewarding Tokens when buying these good or services
  • an Alternative Carbon Credits/Offsets through our Block Chain solution focusing on Agriculture - advanced Technology and improving water use, greater crop output and improved Supply Chain.
  • App highlighting many Needs, Solutions, Climate Tech and Projects and opportunities to Donate or Invest in these opportunities.
  • The Focus on Agriculture (as opposed to Reforestation which is the current offset Model) , creates both an Environmental and Social beyond just Carbon Reduction and meets many objectives the United Nations SD Goals.
  • We are creating a clear alternative for Companies, Individuals to Offset , become Neutral, Net Zero and meet their ESG / Sustainability Impact.